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Collection in a metal case of 6 snowflakes that includes a chain and magnets to put together your display. A very original decoration for any place. A very original gift.

Caja de Copos de Nieve en Cadena

  • 6 snowflakes in golden cardboard of 250 gr

    1 m of chain

    6 round magnets

    4 Studs

    Packaging in a retractable metal box


    Snowflakes: 10.5cm x 10.5cm each

    Case: 16.6cm x 11.5 cm Thickness: 1cm

    Place the chain in the shape you like most with the studs, place the snowflakes and hold them with the magnets on the chain.

  • The cost of the product does not include shipping, we ship to all of Mexico.

    For shipments abroad please contact us

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